Community Research Initiative (CRI) is an independent, nonprofit, community-based organization in New England dedicated to HIV and hepatitis C clinical research, treatment education, and financial assistance for approved HIV drug treatments and health insurance coverage.

CRI Research Director Dr. Cal Cohen, CRI Senior Clinical Investigator Dr. Hannah Olivet, and CRI Board President Jeremy Holman have safely arrived at the 20th International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, Australia. The world of HIV/AIDS research is dedicated, small, and collegial, and the loss of life in the MH17 crash resonates with all of us. CRI offers our condolences to families and friends of the MH 17 passengers. Despite this great tragedy, CRI's investigators are pleased to be sharing our life-transforming research with the HIV/AIDS research community, For more on the research CRI is presenting at the conference, watch Dr. Cal Cohen's ViralEd Internet Symposium: A Review of AIDS 2014 on July 28 and 29 at
CRI is participating in a new initiative designed to offer coordinated assistance to healthcare providers for enrolling and retaining their patients in comprehensive healthcare coverage. Drawing on our expertise in insurance and benefits programs gained through our management of HDAP, CRI now has a resource team to assist both case managers and consumers throughout the state as they navigate public and private insurance programs and procedures.
At CRI's 11th Annual Summer Party in Provincetown on Saturday, July 19, you stepped up and raised over $75K for research! THANK YOU! We still need your help to make it to $100k. Will you help us get there? Watch Dr. Cal Cohen's research update and donate today!



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