In 1989, CRI was co-founded by a group of advocates and providers which included current Executive Director Julie K. Marston, MPH,  and former CRI Research Director, Cal Cohen, MD, MSc. The group met at Club Cafe to take action on the devastating health issue that was taking the lives of their friends and family members. This was the first organizing meeting for CRI.

In the 30 years since, the world of HIV has changed dramatically.

In 2019, people living with HIV can expect to live as long as their HIV-negative counterparts thanks to the research conducted and treatments discovered at clinical research sites like CRI. Our clinical trials helped lead to the FDA approval of nearly every HIV treatment on the market; our work also helped develop a cure for hepatitis C. We provide financial assistance to people living with HIV and taking preventative medications to pay for their treatments and/or health insurance.

Our journey to year 30 was an exciting, challenging, inspiring one. We couldn’t have made it here without the help of our supporters, partners, and staff. We’re excited to tell you the story of how we got here, and hope you will take action to become part of our future.