Dear Friend of CRI,

As we mark our 30th anniversary, I have been reflecting upon the changes we’ve witnessed over the years, both within our organization and the world of HIV treatment. What was once a deadly disease that triggered fear because of the lack of knowledge surrounding transmission and treatment is now considered a manageable, chronic illness with a range of powerful, once-a-day medications to treat it. CRI is proud to have participated in trials that led to the approval of virtually all HIV treatments on the market today, and in the research that produced a cure for hepatitis C.

Not only is HIV manageable and treatable, the introduction of PrEP and the Undetectable = Untransmittable message are empowering our communities with tools to prevent the spread of HIV. Our PrEP Drug Assistance Program is helping people in Massachusetts who could not otherwise access this vital HIV prevention tool. Statewide, these programs allow us to be essential spokes in the “Getting to Zero” and the “Care That Fits You” campaigns, which emphasize access to medications and treatment as prevention as crucial steps in reducing HIV rates.

We are also expanding our ability to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in the Bay State; our Tuberculosis Drug Assistance Program covers TB medications for people in-need in much the same way as our HIV Drug Assistance Program (HDAP) already helps more than 8,000 people pay for their medications. We work directly with more than 1,350 clinics, hospitals, medical providers, HIV/AIDS support agencies, and pharmacies to make sure that all our eligible clients have access to drugs, health insurance, and constantly evolving information relating to both.

CRI is continuing to pursue innovative research. In 2018, we are researching different treatment delivery methods including injectables, and the success of treatments in alternative arenas, such as substance use disorder settings. Some cure research and vaccine trials will be moving to the human testing phases in the coming years and we at CRI are poised to participate in these trials once they reach the Phase 3 stage.

The year ahead marks the 30th anniversary of CRI. While we’ve come an amazingly long way in three decades, we still have a long way to go. We cannot get there without your continued support. We hope you will celebrate our anniversary by giving to us this year. Even small gifts add up to a big impact.

Thank you,
Julie Marston
Co-Founder and Executive Director of CRI