The Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Bureau of Infectious Disease and Laboratory Sciences, is implementing the Tuberculosis Drug Assistance Program (TBDAP) in partnership with CRI.

The purpose of TBDAP is to ensure that clinicians and patients can access the TB medications they need in a timely and cost-effective manner. TBDAP utilizes designated pharmacies located at or near TB clinic sites for patients to pick up their prescriptions.

The goals of TBDAP are to:

  • Help ensure access and adherence to TB treatment through coverage of patient out-of-pocket expenses such as drug co-pays and deductibles;
  • Reduce or eliminate barriers to obtaining medication for TB patients through the utilization of knowledgeable and convenient pharmacies (whether at the clinical site or in nearby communities);
  • Increase the capacity of the state’s TB program to direct public health resources where they are most needed by maximizing use of health insurance coverage.

How TBDAP Works

Individuals living in Massachusetts identified as at-risk for tuberculosis are referred to TB providers at designated TB treatment sites. As part of their care, if medications are prescribed for treatment, patients are directed to designated pharmacies where they can pick up their TB-related medications at no charge. Participating pharmacies submit charges for TB prescriptions to the patient’s insurance carrier; out-of-pocket expenses such as drug co-pays and prescription deductibles are billed to CRI, the agency administering TBDAP. For patients who lack health insurance, TBDAP will cover the full cost of their TB-related prescriptions.

Any individual residing in Massachusetts and being treated at a state-funded TB clinic or collaborating health care site is eligible to have the cost of their TB prescriptions covered by TBDAP. Patients are not required to complete an enrollment application or fulfill any eligibility criteria (such as an income level), as long as they live in Massachusetts. U.S. citizenship is not required to access the program. TB patients who will be accessing medications through TBDAP and have health insurance (including private insurance, employer-sponsored plans, MassHealth/Medicaid, Health Safety Net, or Medicare coverage) will need to provide information about their health insurance plan to their TB clinical site and pharmacy.

Since a primary goal of the Massachusetts TBDAP is to eliminate barriers to accessing vital TB treatment for patients, no one should be denied treatment. Pharmacists should not withhold medications from a TB patient in need of assistance from TBDAP. Instead, pharmacists should fill any TB-related prescriptions and contact CRI TBDAP staff for assistance.

For more information on the Massachusetts TB Drug Assistance Program, please call 617.502.1700 x2.