Formed in 2009 in honor of CRI’s 20th anniversary, CRI’s Leadership Council recognizes and honors individuals who share a steadfast commitment to CRI’s mission of leading the way in HIV and hepatitis C (HCV) research and ensuring access to lifesaving HIV and HCV medications for those in need.

Leadership Council members provide guidance, strength, support, and encouragement in CRI’s efforts to develop safer and more effective treatments for HIV/AIDS and HCV. They participate in various fundraising and advocacy events, working hand-in-hand with CRI to help raise funds for HIV and HCV research and awareness.

Jon Appelbaum, MD
Robert Beck
Donald Butterfield, MD
Ronald Chapman
Mark Christofi
Calvin Cohen, MD, MSc, Founding Research Director
Carolyn Crowley
Jonathan Crutchley
Glenn Daidone
Victor DePoalo
Richard Dickinson
Douglas Dolezal
Dixie-Lee Esseltine, MD
Kenn Freed, CPA
Jane Garb
Clive Godwin
Joel Goldstein, PhD
Roger Hanzes
Sheila Hussey
Larry Hyer
Lenore Jackson-Pope, RN, ACRN
Bobby Kelley
Ian Lekus, PhD
Tim Martinez, DMD
John Mazzullo, MD
Ellen Morris McCann
Crane McCune
Michael McGuill, DVM, MPH
Jim Morgrage
Frank Ribaudo
Paul Ross, EdD
Harry Schrager, MD
Sandy Sheble-Hall, RN, ACRN
Gregory Welch