The Harbor to the Bay Committee has made the difficult but necessary decision to reimagine this year’s event due to the recent rescindments of all public event permits by several towns along the Ride route and in consideration of the ongoing pandemic.

During these unprecedented times, CRI has managed to extend coverage and reduce barriers to much needed care for our clients and study participants. However, due to many people being laid off or furloughed during this time we are seeing an increase in the number of clients with no insurance. Now more than ever CRI needs your help as we stand united in the face of uncertainty.

We hope that this year’s Harbor to the Bay will bring our community together in a way we have never seen before. Taking the ride off the roads and into our own living rooms, backyards, and bike trails, Ride 18 will occur as a virtual engagement with some new changes:

  • Rather than riding 125 or 68 miles together, participants are encouraged to engage in whatever activity is safely accessible to them. This might mean several short bike rides, doing 125 jumping jacks, or dancing for 68 minutes!

  • This year’s event will see everyone as a “participant” rather than a “rider” or “crew member”. We are encouraging everyone to challenge themselves to promote health and wellness in their lives!

  • Ride 18 will no longer last just one day! For the month of September, culminating on our original ride date of September 26th, you are encouraged to fulfill your participation goals! We’ll be sharing selfies, stories, and more via social media to keep our community engaged and connected.

Whether you’re in New England, California, or Germany, we want to see how you participate and hear why Harbor to the Bay and CRI is important to you! If you have not yet signed up for Ride 18, please visit harbortothebay.org to join us for this exciting and important year.

Register as a Team CRI Rider today or email Lizzie Sinclair at lsinclair@crine.org for more information.