If you are HIV-positive and live in Massachusetts, the Massachusetts HIV Drug Assistance Program (HDAP) may be able to help pay for your medications. Assistance paying for health insurance is available through the Comprehensive Health Insurance Initiative (CHII) program.

About the Massachusetts HIV Drug Assistance Program (HDAP)

The Massachusetts HIV Drug Assistance Program (HDAP) helps residents who cannot afford to pay the full cost of the HIV-related drugs and health insurance they need. Managed by CRI, HDAP is a program of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s Office of HIV/AIDS and is funded through the federal and state governments.

For an overview of the HDAP/CHII programs, including eligibility requirements, please click here. More information is also available in our brochures:

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Have you been exposed to HIV through a non-work-related event? Click here to learn about receiving antiretroviral treatment through HDAP’s Non-Occupational Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (nPEP) service.