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*NEW* HDAP & the MA Health Connector – Understanding Premium Tax Credits & Tax Reconciliation (January 9, 2017)

Full webinar with audio
Full webinar slide deck

Highlights from this webinar:

  • What Premium Tax Credits (PTCs) are
  • Key tips for helping clients understand PTCs and their responsibility to file taxes and reconcile any related tax refunds or payments due
  • Specific tax forms and processes used to reconcile any PTC-related tax adjustments
  • HDAP/CHII requirements for CHII clients who received PTCs in 2015 and/or 2016
  • The role of HDAP/CHII in paying PTC adjustments to the IRS and collecting PTC-related refunds on behalf of clients


*NEW* Open Enrollment 2017 – HDAP & the MA Health Connector
October 24, 2016

Full webinar with audio
Full webinar slide deck

Highlights from this webinar:

  • The Health Connector’s Open Enrollment period and timelines
  • New changes to the Health Connector
  • Key tips for helping clients navigate the Health Connector to enroll in a health insurance plan that gives them comprehensive coverage

Questions from this webinar
We weren’t able to answer everyone’s questions during the webinar, but here are those that we missed!

Q: Who determines if your employer’s insurance plan is “affordable?”

A: HDAP/CHII and the MA Health Connector use different determinations when examining whether an employer sponsored insurance (ESI) plan is “affordable”.

  • For HDAP/CHII clients who are offered ESI plans, we request that you send in a summary of benefits for plans offered. We consider an individual deductible of greater than $1000 and coinsurance of 30% or more to be unaffordable for the purposes of our program; those costs will be passed down to the client because HDAP/CHII cannot pay deductibles or coinsurance.  We evaluate each case and when appropriate suggest that the client switch to eligible plans through the Health Connector.
  • The Health Connector uses a different method for determining whether your insurance is “affordable”. The State determines ESI affordability by comparing the lowest cost annual plan premium offered to the Median Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) of the employee.  Plans are considered affordable if the annual premium is less than 9.66% of the employee’s MAGI.  Unfortunately this standard of affordability does not take into account high deductibles, coinsurances, & other costs that are passed directly to the client.

Q: I am curious as to why someone being diagnosed with HIV is not considered a “life changing event” that would qualify them for special enrollment?

A: Unfortunately, being diagnosed with HIV or another medical condition would not quality as an event that would trigger a “Special Enrollment Period” per state regulations.  However, clients living with HIV have a higher income limit with regards to MassHealth.  Anyone living with HIV can access MassHealth if they qualify and make less than 200% of the Federal Povery Level ($23,760 for an individual).