HDAP House of Correction Program

About the HDAP House of Correction (HOC) Program

Inmates living with HIV can enroll in HDAP’s House of Correction Program while incarcerated in county jails throughout Massachusetts. Applications are submitted by jail staff and require the signature of the client/inmate. Past enrollment in HDAP is not a requirement for the HOC Program. Upon notification of release, most clients can be re-activated in HDAP without submitting an application.

The HOC Program pays the full cost of medications for enrolled incarcerated clients, as inmates are not eligible for public or private insurance during their period of incarceration. Access to medications through the HOC Program can help incarcerated individuals with HIV achieve or maintain viral suppression.

  • HIV positive status is required​
  • Does NOT serve populations in Massachusetts Correctional Institutions or Federal Prisons​
  • Covers the cost of antiretroviral and other medications, with few exceptions, for actively enrolled clients​
  • Coverage term is six months and can be extended if needed
  • Specific application for enrollment

NEW HDAP House of Correction Application

NEW HDAP House of Correction Application Instructions

Presentation on Updates to the HDAP HOC Application, Policies, and Processes (November 2, 2020)

Effective November 9, 2020, the Massachusetts HIV Drug Assistance Program (HDAP) will begin utilizing a revised, one-page HDAP Application to verify eligibility for HIV+ inmates receiving HDAP coverage while incarcerated in the Massachusetts County Houses of Correction (HOCs). 

Full webinar with audio
Full webinar slide deck

If you have a client recently released from jail, please contact the House of Correction Program directly at 617-502-1723 or jails@crine.org