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Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) is a type of antiviral therapy for HIV designed to reduce the possibility of infection with the virus after a known high-risk exposure has occurred.

The Non-Occupational Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (nPEP) program is designed to provide immediate access to treatment and cover the cost of HIV prophylaxis for individuals who:

  • Are HIV-negative
  • May have been exposed to HIV through a non-work-related exposure
  • Have no health insurance or are underinsured

The goal of nPEP is to prevent HIV transmission. Because of the nature of PEP treatment, individuals need to take medication within a very narrow timeframe after their possible exposure.

nPEP treatment is made available to individuals through enrolled healthcare sites throughout Massachusetts that are enrolled in the program.

Communicating with nPEP Program Staff

We recommend calling nPEP Program staff about any individuals requiring urgent access to nPEP:

For individuals requiring urgent access to nPEP after 6pm and on days CRI is closed, please call 617-502-1700 and select option #6 to leave a message for on-call CRI staff 

Reimbursement forms and pharmacy claims can continue to be faxed to PrEPDAP via our main fax line at 617-502-1701.

To submit client forms or information via email, please use our secure email system by:

For more information on the HIV nPEP program, please contact Kevin Herwig, Coordinator of PrEP + PEP Programs, at 617.502.1700 or