Thank you for supporting CRI! You make our life-changing work possible. 

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. We apologize for any errors and ask that you call our Development Office at 617.502.1726 or email corrections to emullen@crine.org.

CRI’s Research Circle honors all of you who take a leadership role in supporting CRI with an annual donation of $5,000 or more

Jay Anderson
Mitchell Baker & Thom Egan
Robert R. Beck
Ronald Chapman and Crane McCune
Victor DePoalo
John Devlin & Marc Hall
Discovery Communications
Sarah Jeannette Dybing Trust
Eastern Bank
Dixie-Lee Esseltine, MD & Debbie Taylor in memory of Jane & Phil Esseltine
Gilead Sciences
Harbor to the Bay
Tim Harrington in honor of Bobby Kelley

H. Scott Huizenga
Janssen Biotech, Inc.
Marcus Builders LLC
Sean McConnell
Paul Moreno & Stephen Barlow
NAI Hunneman
Online Buddies Inc.
The Red Inn
Peter Tenggren & Warren Mitchell
Ann Webster, PhD

The Dr. Cal Cohen Fund honors all of you who support CRI’s efforts with an annual donation of $2,500 or more

5 Star Travel Services
American Tower Corporation
ARTCO/Jim Viola
Donald E. Butterfield, MD
Rob Caro
Cal Cohen, MD
Community Health Charities of New England
Dickinson Lab / Richard Dickinson
Kenneth Freed, CPA / Kenneth Freed & Company / Freed Investment Group LLC
Rufus Gifford & Stephen DeVincent / Gifford Family Foundation of the Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund 
in honor of Cal Cohen, MD
Lisbeth Hall 
in memory of Lyle Hall
Lawrence R. Hyer / Lawrence R. Hyer Fund, a Fidelity Charitable Donor-Advised Fund
Robert Kelley
Wendy Marston
Millennium Matching Gift Program
Novartis U.S. Foundation
Hannah Olivet, MD
Scott Popkowski & Joseph Smith / Popkowski Smith Family Foundation of the Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
Bryan Rafanelli & Mark Walsh
Gary Reinhardt
Michael Stone, DMD 
in honor of Ann Webster, PhD

CRI’s 1500 Fund is the sustaining gift program for annual donors of $1,500 or more

BNY Mellon Community Partnership
Bar Mezzana
Earl and Helen Colson in honor of Amy Colson, MD
Anne Covert
Doug Dolezal & Greg Welch
Kia R. Earp in honor of all those before me
Jonathan Goode & Cary Raymond 
in honor of Doug Dolezal & Greg Welch
Seth Grosshandler & Kim Wainwright
Danny Hamilton & Paul Hilliard
Roger M. Hanzes
Ken Lima and Mark Sacco
Sean McConnell
Edward Moore & Shawn Brooks / Moore Family Fund, a Fidelity Charitable Donor-Advised Fund
Jacob Murray, III, DMD
Daniel Sullivan
Peter Tenggren
Donald E. Vaughan & Lee Ridgway

Friends of CRI
The following donors contributed to our important HIV and hepatitis C research efforts between August 15, 2017 and January 15, 2018.

Howe Allen                                                                        
Joe Ando            
Steve Batchelder in memory of Nancy Ober Batchelder                                                     
Carl Bazil, MD, PhD                                                                                                         
Leelo Bertram                                                                                                                                                                                   
Michael Burke in memory of Nick Houpis                                                            
William Callahan, MD                                                                    
Susan Carrington in memory of Skip Carrington                                                                                                    
William Cattey                                                                 
Bill Chisholm and William Powers            
Mark Christofi                                                  
Bruce Churchill, MD                                       
Stephen Corbett                                                             
Joseph Cozzolino                                                                                             
Keith Crosby                                                                                                      
Lisa Cruz in honor of CRI and HDAP                                                                            
Richard DeLuca, Jr.                                                         
Dorian and Jorge DesLauriers     
Robin Deutsch                                                                                  
David Dolbashian                                                                                            
Rosa and Mark Drapkin, MD                                                                       
Frank Dunn                                                        
Jose Duran                                                         
Joan Epstein and Burt Franzman               
Dixie-Lee Esseltine, MD, and Deb Taylor                                
Ricardo Ferrer                                                  
Abby Flam                                                          
Kenneth Freed, CPA                                      
Andrew Fullem                                                
Jonna Gaberman, MD, and Bruce Wintman                                          
Mark Gonthier in memory of David Austin                          
Sharon Gray                                                                      
Anthony Grima                                                
Paul Groipen, DMD                                        
Seth Grosshandler and Kim Wainwright                                                 
Marc Gurton and Jim Kiely                                          
Robert Haas                                                       
Susan Hall                                           
Roger Hanzes                                                                                    
Maureen Helbig in honor of Adam Beerman and Tim Helbig
Gavin Hilgemeier                                                             
William Hollis and John Kramer                 
Jeremy Holman and Marcus Matic                                                           
Sheila Hussey                                                   
Nick Jacovides                                                  
John Jakimczyk and Wendy Stead                                            
Jay Jakubowski, DVM, and Shawn Nightingale                                    
Bennett Klein                                                    
Richard & Susan Lampen in honor of Craig Wells                                  
William Lawrence, Jr. in memory of Dr. Anne B. Morris
Sunee Lazarus                                                  
Ellen Leach in honor of Matthew Funke
Timothy Leahy                                                                                                                 
Tom Lewis                                                          
Rhonda Linde, PhD                                                         
George Mair                                                                                      
Julie Marston                                                    
Liane Marston                                                  
Dennis McAvoy and Bruce Poduska
Ellen McCann 
in memory of Dr. Anne B. Morris                                                                               
Sean McConnell                                                                                               
Matthew McGuirk                                                                                          
Paul Moreno                                                     
Jim Morgrage                                                   
David Morris in honor of CRI and HDAP                            
John Morris, Jr., and Sarah Holmes in memory of Dr. Anne B. Morris                                                                                
Ann Mullen                                                                                        
David Newcomb                                                              
Ken Nimblett in memory of Rusty Miller                                                                                                            
Matthew Perlman and William Hurlman in memory of Dr. Ron Gelb                                                                          
Bernard Plovnick                                                                             
Stephanie Qualls in honor of Richard Durkin                                           
Ray Repp and Richard Alther                                                                      
Daniel Richardson                                                                                           
Michael Robert                                                                                                
Dr. Henry Rosenberg in memory of Dr. Anne B. Morris                                                
Larry Rosenberg                                                                                                              
Sarah Jeannette Dybing Trust                                                    
Steven Schwartzberg, PhD in honor of Craig Wells                                                   
Sandy and Becky Sheble-Hall                                                                                      
Cynthia and Robert Shilkret, PhDs in memory of Dr. Anne B. Morris                                                
John Spagnoletti                                                                              
Michael Stone, DMD in honor of Ann Webster and Kurt Reynolds                         
Peter Tenggren and Warren Mitchell                      
Mathew Thall                                                                                                    
Steven Tromp                                                   
Leigh Tucker                                                      
Gregory Van Boven and David Beck                                         
Peter van den Noort                                                      
Donald Vaughan and Lee Ridgway                                                           
Donald Warren                                                                                                                
Stephen Watson in memory of Alan Matheaus                    
Henry Weinberger                                                          
Leonard and Nancy Wells                                                             
Kathleen Whalen        
Robert Wilson   

Businesses, Organizations, and Foundations

American Tower Corporation
Ashmont Grill                    
Bin 26 Enoteca
BNY Mellon Community Partnership                       
Community Health Charities of New England
Gilead Sciences                
Harbor to the Bay
IBM Employee Giving                                    
Lala Rokh                                                                            
Andrew Paraskos Interiors                          
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program           
State Street Foundation