Thank you for supporting CRI! You make our life-changing work possible. 

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. We apologize for any errors and ask that you call our Development Office at 617.502.1710 or email corrections to info@crine.org.

CRI’s Research Circle honors all of you who take a leadership role in supporting CRI with an annual donation of $5,000 or more

Jay Anderson
Mitchell Baker & Thom Egan
Robert R. Beck
Ronald Chapman
Victor DePoalo
Discovery Communications
Sarah Jeannette Dybing Trust
Eastern Bank
Dixie-Lee Esseltine, MD & Debbie Taylor in memory of: Jane & Phil Esseltine
Gilead Sciences
Eric Green
Harbor to the Bay
Tim Harrington 
in honor of: Bobby Kelley
Janssen Biotech, Inc.
Sean McConnell
Paul Moreno & Stephen Barlow
Ann & Alvin Mullen
NAI Hunneman
The Red Inn
Michael Stone, DMD 
in honor of: Ann Webster, PhD
Peter Tenggren & Warren Mitchell

The Dr. Cal Cohen Fund honors all of you who support CRI’s efforts with an annual donation of $2,500 or more

American Tower Corporation
ARTCO / Jim Viola
BNY Mellon Community Partnership
Cal Cohen, MD
John Devlin & Marc Hall
Dickinson Lab / Richard Dickinson
Kenneth Freed, CPA / Freed Investment Group LLC
Lisbeth Hall in honor of: Sandy Sheble-Hall
Roger M. Hanzes
Indigo Associates
Hannah Olivet, MD
Gary Reinhardt
Victory Programs, Boston Living Center

CRI’s 1500 Fund is the sustaining gift program for annual donors of $1,500 or more

5 Star Travel Services
Donald E. Butterfield, MD
Rob Caro
Earl & Helen Colson 
in honor of: Amy Colson, MD
Community Health Charities of New England
Jonathan Goode & Cary Raymond
Seth Grosshandler & Kim Wainwright
Lawrence R. Hyer / Lawrence R. Hyer Fund, a Fidelity Charitable Donor-Advised Fund
Robert Kelley
Kenneth Freed & Company
Ken Lima & Mark Sacco
William Jacob Murray, III, DMD
Matthew Trento
Donald E. Vaughan & Lee Ridgway

Friends of CRI
The following donors contributed to our important HIV and hepatitis C research efforts between June 30, 2018 and Sept. 30, 2018

Scott Allegretti, DDS
Rafael Altieri
Guy Backlund
Mitchell Baker & Thom Egan
David Berarducci
Diane Bessette
Michael Burke in memory of: Nick Houpis
Larry Busching
Roberto Caldera
Robert Caro
Roger Carter
Michelle Christy
Gerald Chu in honor of: Craig Wells
Marianne Colacray
Harry Collings & Daniel Moon
John Coombs
Marc Croteau
Lisa Cruz in honor of: CRI & HDAP
David Datz & Jim Mauro
Joseph DeMartino
Victor DePoalo & Brian McKenna
Rick DiCecca
David Dolbashian
Rosa & Mark Drapkin
William Dugan
Frank Dunn
Charles & Nancy Eliot
Edward Ells in honor of: Jonathan Scott
Peter Epstein, Esq.
Joan Epstein & Burt Franzman
William Farmer
Lori Frazer
Michael Gettings
Mark Giese
Ronald Goldstein
Mark Gonthier in memory of: David Austin
Scott Gortikov & Ross Jay Ozer in honor of: Jonathan Scott
Eric Green
Robert Greene
Ellen Grubert & Janis Lippman
Edward Hanrahan
Roger Hanzes
Daniel Hochman & Douglas DiMartile
Derek Howe
Andrew Jorgensen
John Keith & Terry D. Lighte
Richard Kestler & James Bracciale
Jeffrey Klenz
Corey Kustes
Jim LaBrie
William Lawrence, Jr. in memory of: Anne B. Morris
Timothy Leahy
Mark Lessinger & Michael O’Connor
Russell Lopez
Ann Maguire & Harriet Gordon
Julie Marston
Thomas Martin
Hirschel McGinnis
Jean McGuire & Barbara Herbert
Matthew McGuirk
David O'Brien
Tim O'Connor
Michael O'Hagan
Liz Page
Michael Peregon
Matthew Perlman & William Hurlman in memory of: Dr. Ron Gelb
Theodore Pietras
Peter Portney
Kurt Reynolds
Mike Robert
Kai Robinson
Lisa Pintchman & Jay Rogers
Jonathan Scott, DVM, & Michael McGuill, MPH
James Seligman, DMD, & Joe Castellana
Oren Sherman & Richard Miller
Adam Slone
Edward Smith
John Spagnoletti in memory of: Mark Douville
Andrew Spalding
Peter Sullivan & Bob Keary
Jeff Swanson
Peter Tenggren & Warren Mitchell
Matthew Trento & Paul Rodrigues
Scott Van
Donald Vaughan & Lee Ridgway
James Watkins
Stephen Watson in memory of: Alan Matheaus
Derek White
John Winterle
Joseph Zibrak

Businesses, Organizations, and Foundations

American Tower Corporation
Community Health Charities of New England
Eastern Bank
Fifth Generation - Tito's
Janssen Biotech, Inc.
Johnson & Johnson
Victory Programs, Boston Living Center
Wa Inc