Since 1989, Community Research Initiative has been at the forefront of HIV/AIDS clinical research, and our commitment has forever changed the direction of HIV/AIDS treatment everywhere. CRI has contributed to the FDA approval of almost all of the currently available HIV treatments.

An estimated twenty-five percent of HIV-positive individuals are also infected with hepatitis C (HCV). In 2013, CRI also began conducting HCV clinical research, first exploring mono-infection (just HCV) and then co-infection (HCV and HIV).

Led by Research Director Dr. Amy Colson and Associate Research Director Hannah Bouldin Olivet, CRI’s clinical trials play a crucial role in accelerating the discovery of safer, simpler, and more effective HIV and HCV treatments. These trials enable research participants to be more active in their own healthcare, to gain access to new treatments before they become widely available, and to help others by contributing to medical research.

Seeking answers to important questions that no one else is asking, CRI has also initiated more than fifty of its own innovative physician-led research studies that continue to play a critical role in shaping the effectiveness of HIV treatment and improving the quality of HIV patient care around the world.

As always, we are focused on answering the latest challenges and finding new treatment options that will work for everyone. We remain hopeful that all we accomplish here at CRI will one day finally help lead to a cure for HIV and much sooner than that for HCV.