Meet Some Participants


Volunteers enroll in clinical trials to be more active in their own healthcare. They gain access to new research treatments before they are widely available and help others by adding to our medical knowledge.

As part of the informed consent process, a research team member carefully discusses the trial with the volunteer and answers any questions they may have. Participants are free to withdraw from the study at any time without facing any penalty.

Scroll down to learn about the experiences of some CRI clinical trial participants.



“Participating in CRI clinical trials has given me my life back.

How do I break that down to a single thing? I’ve stopped thinking of myself as a sick person. I can work again.
I can play again. I’ve gone to graduate school. I’m working on my novel. I’m planning for my future instead of just getting my accounts in order. I have a greater appreciation for life, having been so close to death. I owe all this time to CRI.” Rob


“I want CRI to adopt me. I’ve spent so much time there, they’ve become part of my family.

That means a lot to me. Family is everything. As an HIV-positive, single mom with six children, I’m not just fighting this disease for me; I’m fighting for my children. With CRI’s care and support, I can be there for them everyday and make sure my kids don’t make the same mistakes I did.” Gloria


“Participating in clinical trials is a responsibility that I take very seriously.

Having AIDS, I can’t just sit on the sidelines waiting for anyone to hand me treatment. I need to be an active participant in assisting drug companies, my doctors, healthcare providers, and clinical research centers like CRI.

Without people like me, they can’t assess and develop the right treatments, so for me it’s more of a duty than a choice. Information gained through my participation drives the scientific data that ultimately will lead to better and more effective treatments for all.” Stephen


“CRI has an energy unlike any other HIV/AIDS organization I’ve ever been involved with.

There is this sense of caring and a serenity that everyone who comes to CRI feels. And I truly believe that it’s the type of people who choose to work at CRI. It’s because of remarkable people like Karen, my research coordinator, who makes me feel so hopeful and cared for every time I see her. I’ve never encountered anyone quite like her—she’s exhilarating.” Catherine


“There’s simply no other way to say it. Dr. Cal Cohen and CRI saved my life.

Eleven years ago, when I found myself seriously ill after a failed HIV treatment regimen, insufficient care, and seemingly without options, Dr. Cohen and CRI literally saved my life. Unfamiliar with treatment research settings, I had expected to find a sterile environment with detached research staff whose sole focus was on research results. Instead, I found exceptionally competent professionals who were also filled with compassion, concern, and a commitment to my health and well-being. Years after my experience, whenever I refer people I care about to Dr. Cohen and CRI, they report having received the same exact care and concern.” —Douglas