CRI’s Research Network


With your help, CRI has developed a national network of independent clinical trial sites, led by HIV expert physicians, which collaborate with CRI on physician-led trials. This research model, called investigator-initiated trials, is unique because the research questions are raised by CRI’s own physicians.

“In our care of patients, we see problems for which there are no studies that provide answers. Doing these investigator-initiated trials is our way of meeting the unmet needs of patients and contributing to the body of information that other doctors can use.”
—Founding Research Director Dr. Cal Cohen

CRI has established partnerships in 26 sites across the country. These collaborations bring lifesaving HIV and hepatitis C (HCV) research to as many people as possible. With a broader base of HIV- and HCV-positive individuals to enroll in trials, CRI can answer critical questions about new HIV/AIDS and HCV treatment options and report results more quickly.

Some of our past physician-led trials have included:




For more information about CRI’s lifesaving HIV and HCV research, please contact Julia Green at 671.502.1711 or