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Groundbreaking study results you helped make possible

Groundbreaking research conducted by the CRI research team—which you helped make possible!—was published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine.

CRI Research Director Dr. Amy Colson is a co-author on the article, which discusses the results of the ION-4 clinical trial conducted at CRI and other research sites in 2014. The results of this trial were outstanding—after just 12 weeks of treatment with a fixed-dose combination pill, most participants who adhered to treatment were cured of HCV while maintaining low HIV viral loads.

“Only with your help can the CRI research team continue to conduct innovative studies like the ION-4 trial. Thank you for your ongoing support as we move forward with new trials that will further improve the quality of life for people with HIV, HCV, or co-infected with both.” —Amy Colson, MD, MPH, CRI Research Director and Principal Investigator of Hepatitis C Studies

Also covered in this issue of the New England Journal of Medicine is the important START trial, for which CRI is a study site. Read more here.

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