As of 9/16/20, clients due to recertify in HDAP are subject to HDAP’s standard screening and enrollment procedures consistent with the State’s ongoing phased reopening plan. All clients due to recertify in HDAP must submit a complete application that they are eligible for during this cycle (short or long form) with the required documentation. Clients who do not submit the appropriate application by their recertification date will term out of the program until their application is received and approved.

The following modifications to HDAP/CHII policies and procedures due to the COVID-19 public health emergency remain in effect:

  • For NEW clients applying to HDAP for the first time:
    • Eligible clients who submit a long-form will be approved through HDAP’s standard screening/approval processes.
    • If clients/case managers are unable to submit a complete application, CRI will accept a Rapid Eligibility Determination (RED) form (click here for Rapid Eligibility Form Instructions). Eligible clients will be approved for three months of HDAP coverage. Clients should submit a complete long-form within 30 days of the RED form to receive the full six months of HDAP coverage.
  • HDAP/CHII will continue paying health insurance premiums on a normal schedule, and will consider extended payments as needed. For clients experiencing insurance losses, visit HDAP/CHII Updates for clients who have lost work-sponsored insurance. HDAP will reimburse pharmacies for prescription charges submitted for “early” fills (prescriptions filled before the usual refill approval date), as allowed by the client’s insurer.
  • HDAP will reimburse pharmacies for prescription charges submitted for 60- or 90-day fills, as allowed by the client’s insurer.

Communicating with HDAP Staff

  • Please continue to contact HDAP through our main line at 617-502-1700. Please contact us via phone for any urgent client cases or clients with specific needs so that we may assist on a case-by-case basis.
  • Applications, documentation, and forms can continue to be faxed to HDAP via our main fax line at 617-502-1703.
  • To submit client applications, forms or information via email, please use our secure email system by:
  • You may also reach us via email at HDAPleadership@crine.org with any questions or concerns.
  • For questions about billing, please contact our Accounting Department at Billing@crine.org.