Our Research

Since 1989, COMMUNITY RESEARCH INITIATIVE has been at the forefront of HIV/AIDS clinical research. When CRI was established, AZT was the only drug available to combat HIV/AIDS. Today, there are more than 30 medicines to treat HIV/AIDS on the market and CRI’s research team participated in the pivotal clinical trials that led to the FDA approval of nearly all of them. CRI investigators have also designed and led more than 50 innovative studies, the results of which have extended our understanding of how to effectively treat HIV infection with a minimum of side effects and daily pill requirements.

In 2013, CRI began addressing another urgent need in the HIV community: effective treatment of hepatitis C (HCV). An estimated 25 percent of individuals living with HIV in the U.S. also have HCV, a viral infection which may cause serious liver damage if left untreated. Through participation in large-scale, multinational clinical trials, CRI contributed to a paradigm shift in the management of HCV infection. Today, HCV infection is curable in most people, including those who also have HIV, with a single pill taken once daily for several months.

Led by Research Director Dr. Amy Colson, CRI’s clinical trials work continues to play a crucial role in accelerating the discovery of safer, simpler, and more effective HIV and hepatitis C (HCV) treatments. These trials also enable research participants to be more active in their own healthcare, to gain access to new treatments before they become widely available, and to help others by contributing to medical knowledge. CRI has long-standing partnerships with companies that are developing components of cure research. We remain hopeful that all we accomplish here at CRI will one day help find a cure for HIV.