Summer Party in Provincetown 2016


Thank you for joining us in Provincetown at the 2016 CRI Summer Party and making an incredible difference!

You raised over $60,000 to support CRI’s HIV and hepatitis C clinical research, outreach, and education, which changes the lives of friends, loved ones, and people around the world.

This year, you helped us honor Frank Ribaudo, a dedicated HIV/AIDS activist, devoted LGBTQ community activist, philanthropist,  and long-time CRI Board and Leadership Council Member with the Dr. Cal Cohen Founder’s Award.

And the party isn’t quite over yet! You can still be part of the Summer Party and support research that saves lives. Click here to donate today!

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Thank you to our amazing Hosts and Host Committee members for being a part of this year’s Summer Party!

Jon Goode & Cary Raymond | Doug Dolezal & Greg Welch | Victor DePoalo & Brian McKenna | The Red Inn | Peter Portney | Sean McConnell | Scott Sylvia

Host Committee
Guy Backlund | Mitch Baker & Thom Egan | Sean Burke | Rob Caro | Ron Chapman & Crane McCune | Marc Croteau | Jamie Curtis | Victor DePoalo & Brian McKenna | John Devlin & Marc Hall | David DiCicco | Bill Farmer & Jack Hudson | Kenn Freed | Roger Hanzes | Larry Hyer | John Keith & Terry Lighte | Bobby Kelley | Ken Lima & Mark Sacco | Philip Mossy & Tiago Pegorim | Michael O’Hagan & Mark Gallant | Frank Ribaudo & Joe Posa | Paul Rodrigues & Matthew Trento | Paul Ross | David Silva | Courtney Spitz & Miriam Gallardo | Jim Young & Scott Walker


Thank you to our generous sponsors, who help make this event possible!

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