CRI Staff



Amy Colson, MD, MPH
Research Director/Principal Investigator of Hepatitis C Studies
Hannah Bouldin Olivet, MD
Associate Research Director/
Principal Investigator of HIV Studies

Roberta Bauer
Regulatory Specialist
Joanne Delaney, RN, BSN, ACRN
Research Coordinator
Julia M. Green, MS, NP-C, CCRP
Research Operations Director & CAB Liaison
Karen A. McLaughlin, CCRC
Research Coordinator ADMINISTRATION

Julie K. Marston, MPH
Executive Director
Craig R. Wells, MSL
Deputy Executive Director/HDAP Director
Michael Corrente, MPA
Director of Communications and Development
Elizabeth Mullen
Communications and Development Manager
Raud Jean-Louis
Director of Information Technology
Steve Duszlak
Staff Accountant
Cary G. Raymond
PR/Marketing Consultant


Craig R. Wells, MSL
Deputy Executive Director/HDAP Director
Erika Moreno
Assistant Director of Program Development
Nirka Rosa
Assistant Director, HIV Drug Assistance Program
Lorraine Anyango
Health Insurance Enrollment Specialist
Andrew Black, MS
IDDAP Special Projects Manager
Andrew Brautigan
HDAP Operations/
Enrollment Specialist

Tresa Carrington
HDAP/CHII Enrollment Specialist
Evelyn Colón-Serrano
HDAP/CHII Billing Coordinator
Maya Eeson, JD
Senior HDAP/CHII Enrollment Specialist
Dennis Falcione
BRIDGE Health Insurance Enrollment/CHII Specialist
Hellen Gikaria
HDAP/CHII Enrollment Specialist
Ayda Hamza
IDDAP Program Specialist
George Hastie, MPH
BRIDGE Team Project Manager
Kevin Herwig
PrEP/nPEP Coordinator
Vadim Kogan, MPH 
TB & Infectious Disease Program Coordinator
Gloria E. Kuris
HDAP Data Manager
Sunny Lazarus
HDAP/CHII Program Manager
Karen Locascio
HDAP/CHII Enrollment Specialist
Alex Moran
BRIDGE Team Coordinator
Suzi Peter
CHII Program Coordinator
Claire Ruremesha
Insurance Benefits and Medical Copay Program Manager
Jay Saulnier
HDAP/CHII Enrollment Specialist
Daniel Starmer
CHII Program Manager
Reyna M. Tejada
HDAP/CHII Enrollment Specialist